Monday, 7th December 2020

Morning world,

How are you? Is the moon still doing its thing? Are we all still messed up, emotional and full of drama? Bl**dy moon. 

I’m in the office today. Technically it’s a WFH day, but Polly and I are having a “board meeting” – yes that’s us and a cuppa and then we have lunchtime Botox haha. Priorities people, priorities and this is my Xmas gift to myself to at least feel a bit better about myself at home in my PJs over the holidays 😉 It’s been a shocker of the year, I may as well end it looking a bit younger. We’re off to @LCAS as ever, you know me by now. 

I woke up this morning to the news about the well known mummy retailer going into liquidation. I actually feel beyond sad here on so many levels. Firstly, I do know the people behind this business and as someone who looked losing her own business in the eye this year, as many of us did, I know the pain and heartbreak after putting every ounce of you into something and so my heart breaks for Sarah and her team. I also feel horrendous for all the brands affected. Many of my business owning friends are owed upwards of 50k and are in a dreadful situation. People bought their Christmas gifts there. It’s awful all round. Of all the companies i’d never have thought it would happen to them as they were doing so well. I was a customer (mainly for Zoflo warranted haha) and I really liked how the site had developed. I know there is a chance it can still be saved if they can get a sale, so let’s keep all crossed and I send my love to anyone affected in any way by this news. 2020 – the year that keeps on giving. I guess this news shakes me to the core, as it could very easily be me, or any of us who have our own business. I expect i’ll be having a busy day with my legal client and everyone wanting expert opinion. 


Clearly I did have a crazy day as it’s 5.30pm and I am only getting to finish my diary now after a mad day running around. I’m home in bed already and catching up on my diary and emails. It’s never ending right? 

I still need to find more to attend my Faces festive beauty event – anyone? It’s going to be fun and they have the claw machine thingy I never win at! I was very good at Pong last time – but that is not back this time! I have another L’Occitane event on 16th incase anyone is keen to come to that too – just DM me for either. 

I had a good session with Lighthouse today which gave me a lot to think about in how I deal with the daily juggle which encompasses a lot of negativity from clients and influencers now, which of course will impact mental health, as well as dealing with the IVF and infertility journey. I definitely came away a bit brighter than I went in anyway. 

I’ll say bye for today and run off. I need to find some other things to tell you before 7am tomorrow. Unlikely given i’m already in my PJs!! 

Take care and happy evening xxx

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