Saturday, 5th December 2020

Good Morning and Happy Saturday.

Yesterday was the day I got to launch my very own website and so for the first time today you can read my diary on my website and not just on Insta.  Yes, I did add in an extra layer of complexity and admin for myself – but such is life. I didn’t exactly make life “easy” starting a daily diary and writing over a thousand words every day this year since March either, did I?   But I like the fact people enjoy reading my diary with their cuppa, actively look out for it and seeing others also start writing on their Insta as a way of blogging/journaling is pretty darn great too.

Friday on the whole wasn’t bad.  Raf and I made up after screaming at each other for about 15 minutes – sorry neighbours.  We really don’t fight much these days at all, but when we do it’s pretty bad and the cats hide under the bed and then after we have to apologise to them and coax them out.   After we got over that and Raf threatening to throw breakfast away and leave, we just chilled and watched TV most the day, and I did my best to not touch my laptop or phone.   Which is so hard – yes I did watch Netflix’s “The Social Dilemma” and I’m a psychologist – I get it 😉 We finished off another Brit drama called “Sisters” which we enjoyed.  We need something new to watch now – any suggestions?

Before Raf woke up, I had terrace time and I did all my final UK online gift shopping.  This year I just chose to send gifts that I know most people won’t treat themselves to this year, you know the nice to haves and real treats.  I did my MoonPig cards for family and so now I just have to do a few friends here and Raf’s main pressie and I am done.  I can enjoy December! Work usually quietens down by 2nd week of December (this could be famous last words as it’s not a normal year is it?!) and I am planning to be off for 2 weeks.

Today I am mainly catching up for work. I have a friend popping over for brekkie on the terrace and I need to get my chipped awful nails sorted (please fit me in The Cure!! Hint Hint). Yes, my usual sort sh*t out Saturday!

Right, over and out for now.  Same time again tomorrow?

Happy Saturday. Lots of love from me. Tash xx

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